The Return of the Saddle Bag

The 70’s are “A Thing” again whether we like it or not, and although tan suede and flared jeans may not be your particular cup of tea, you can’t help but love…… the return of the saddle bag.
With top flaps and curved bottoms, they are a particularly functional way to carry your stuff. Most of them are medium-sized, which means that they’re big enough to carry everything you need without being bulky, and they generally fasten securely and allow for either shoulder or cross-body carry. Because the look has been around forever, many of these bags won’t look over-the-top trendy when the 70’s cycle back out of style in favour of another decade.
Even if you’re not on the boho bandwagon, many of these bags are worth a look; the style has become so popular among designers that plenty of options exist for those who prefer something more modern or minimal. Also, because of the saddle bag’s simplicity, lots of attractive options can be found without breaking the bank.

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