Mrs V’s Big Secret….

You may be surprised to hear that I hate shopping!!! Food and home wares yes, but clothes….. no way

Don’t get me wrong like every other 50 plus woman I like to look my best, I would hate to get to a stage where I felt dated and dowdy, I like to follow trends and make them age appropriate. For me a wardrobe full of go to “looks I love” helps me to feel confident, and not quite my age 😉

It is through my dislike of shopping for clothes that Vanilla was born. Shopping at independent boutiques is the only way to go for women like me. Since we opened Vanilla it quickly became clear that there are thousands of women who want update their looks regularly but don’t have the patience, time or energy to trawl around the high streets and don’t want the formality of a personal shopper.

With this in mind we created a service that shoppers like me love.

We aim to please…. We quickly recognize those of you who just love shopping and are confident in your own taste and style, so for you we will fetch and carry, point out the latest trends and be on hand at the changing room so that you don’t ever have to get dressed to get another colour or size. That’s my pet hate…arrrgh…

For shoppers like me who have an idea of what they want but like to be inspired the team quickly get the idea of what you might like and pull together some looks. We take into account your colouring, your shape and your preferred style…. Basically we create looks just for you. #itswhatwedo

The Vanilla team are trained in colour and body shape, that’s a given…. We know what’s hot and what’s not but we also know how to break the rules, how to wear black when you know you shouldn’t but really really want to…..#itswhatwedo 

Of course none of this would be possible without Mr V.

 Mr V buys the stock, he tantalizes the fashionista taste buds of Vanilla lovers with almost daily injections of beautiful, affordable, wearable pieces, we just put them together to create “a look you’ll love”.

 Voila, shopping made easy, just the way I like it……..Come along and see for yourself. Check us out on Facebook too.


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