Vanilla at Norwich Fashion Week

Its hard to believe that it is almost five years since the idea of Norwich Fashion Week was a pipe dream talked about in a “wouldn’t it be great” kind of way over a pasta lunch at VHQ.

Looking at the programme for 2015 I am proud to have created an event that looks like being bigger and better, bringing together all thats great about Fashion in Norwich.

If you love shopping you must not miss the line up of events that NFW15 has to offer.

NFW is an opportunity to have some fun with fashion, its inspirational…a chance to throw the rule book out of the window, my colour, my shape …who cares? It’s about feeling fabulous and having fun…And that’s exactly what we have tried to bring you with our looks for runway NFW15.

This season we are loving the 70’s vibe, we are longing to be as cool as a rock groupie, as sexy as a Charlie’s angel and so laid back in bohemian luxe. Shelve those skinnyjeans, get yourself some flares, double up your denim and get your bangsblo dried Farrah Fawcett stylie, add belts bags and jackets with a fringe and you will rock the 70’s revival!

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Norwich Fashion Week #nchfw

It took me a little longer to get dressed today….because I’m inspired!
It’s NFW and it always has this effect on me…..I suddenly feel like breaking all the boring style rules about color and shape and just being free….free to express myself have a little bit of fun, mix things up a bit, not be sooo neat and tidy, let my hair down and go ahead with feeling fabulous.
Whilst spending an afternoon styling models for the NFW15 runway with (in my opinion) Norwich’s best stylist…. THE stylist extraordinaire of clothes, cakes and weddings: Charlie Buchan….one can not help but want to break out of ones style rut and be a little more daring.
So today I’m wearing leopard print ankle boots, indigo skinni jeans, superlength vesty layered with a metallic disc waistcoat and finished with a black tux, always adorn with jewels, boho beaded tusk necklace.
Thanks NFW…lets get excited about fashion all through SS15….

The Mysterious Mr. V

The infamous Mr V knows what women want.

Fashion has always been his thing even from his teenage years when he tailored his own trousers just because they weren’t drain pipe enough. People still remember his emergence on the Norwich retail scene with iconic menswear shop Mix and Match, the first to bring stretch denim to Norfolk. Ladies shop Lolipop and Amparo shirts followed until Mr V settled down to a  20 year love affair with Vanilla.

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